May 25, 2011

Cloud9 IDE!!!

With that out of the way I'd like to tell you guys about an amazing IDE(Integrated Development Environment, for those less geeky than I) that I just happened to stumble upon deemed Cloud 9. By using this IDE you are required to use GitHub(a programming repository, a home for files basically) which is really awesome because this combination means you can edit your source code from any computer! I could go to my local library looking for books and maybe come up with a great idea and all I would have to do is log on to Cloud 9 and boom, I've added my idea.

It's exactly like using a desktop based IDE:

  • Hotkeys
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • There are even Themes for simulating different IDE's highlighting styles!
  • Debugging
  • In browser compiling!!!
And best of all it acts like an FTP program and automatically updates your Git repository! This is absolutely incredible and I recommend it to anyone. Sorry for the short post but I didn't have much time to get my thoughts down on... well, the computer. See you later!

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  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    nice ide ill try that cloud 9